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The original story of the game originated sometime in 1994 and was prepared a total of 6 parts of King Jister. The protagonist gradually fights his way through the castle and tries to capture the tasks of King Jister, save the beautiful Ariabel and return to his peaceful village life.

Parts (Levels) 1, 2, 3 are available for DOS/WINDOWS/ONLINE in Czech language. We are working on English versions of this game.

The game is still in the progress, we are almost finish.


  •  almost 200 pictures of 36 rooms in 3D
  • UI and controls
  • 70% of English texts
  • 50% of Adventure Engine for Android/iOS
  • 100% of story, tasks and puzzles
  • All items


Kral Jister 3 - online version, Czech language

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